42 startups, 10 countries: this is parallel18’s Gen.7

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We know you’ve been waiting for this one and… us too, tbh! After a long — and very competitive selection process — the time has come to get to know our newest cohort.

Startups from 10 countries — including the US, Puerto Rico, Peru, Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, United Kingdom, Mexico, and Chile — will be part of our Gen.7 starting on November 6th. These include nine #pre18ners. Are you READY? Here they are!


Expediente Azul

Finance & Fintech

They help financial institutions scale their sales by automatically gathering the documentation from a customer requesting a loan.


Healthcare & Biotechnology

Terapify is an online psychological therapy platform on demand.


Information Technology, SaaS

FITCO is a management and retention software that helps fitness boutiques and sports centers in the growth of their business by helping them take advantage of technology to streamline their processes and operations and make their service more efficient.



Energy, Environment & Cleantech

Sustentabla has developed the first surfboard made 100% out of recycled plastics.


Information Technology, SaaS

Intellitech offers customized tracking and maintenance solutions for every industry.


Computer Software

Datascope allows work teams to collect information from their mobile devices, even without having an internet connection. All the information collected is hosted in the cloud and is available in real-time, so that the other areas of the organization can view it, export it or integrate it into other software.

The Live Green Co

Food Technology

The Live Green Co blends ancestral Indian Science with modern tech to make plant-based foods tastier, healthier & more sustainable.

United States


Marketing, Branding & Advertising

PodcastPress empowers growing companies, personalities, and brands to intentionally connect with their audience through audio content and podcasts. They provide them with a simple and intuitive platform to run their audio & voice productions.

Scraper API

Information Technology, SaaS

Scraper API handles proxies, browsers, and CAPTCHAs, so customers can get the HTML from any web page with a simple API call.


Healthcare & Biotechnology

Ovee is a sexual and reproductive health platform empowering women with premium content, curated products, and the supportive community they need to navigate their health on their terms.


Tourism & Travel

Keteka is a marketplace where travelers can find, plan, and book genuine travel experiences with validated, local guides.


Sports, Fitness, Lifestyle

FixMe allows customers to book their fitness services easily and with less than 1 hour in advance. They give you the service you need, in the comfort of your home, office, hotel, etc.

Symmetric Health Solutions

Information Technology, SaaS

Symmetric Health Solutions provides access to intelligence on medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and suppliers to find savings opportunities and areas of supply chain risk.

Boxpower Inc

Energy, Environment & Cleantech

BoxPower provides innovative power solutions to underserved energy consumers worldwide.

Dominican Republic



EduPass facilitates access to quality education in the best universities in the world through the promotion, orientation, and financing of the training of Latin American professionals at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels and more.


Information Technology, SaaS

TagShelf allows you to process documents with no human interaction by intelligently identifying and classifying your day-to-day documents regardless of format.



Transportation & Logistics

Nilus rescues edible food that is about to be discarded and distribute it among community kitchens.

Cargo Five


With Cargo Five, you can search, compare, and manage ocean freight rates across multiple carriers. With our platform, you can create a new quote in no time and give your sales a big boost!


Finance & Fintech

Zenrise allows any company to process their payments in a simple way, integrating the complex and fragmented technologies of local and international credit/debit cards, account debit, direct transfer, and over-the-counter payments.


Hoy Trabajas

Human Resources

HoyTrabajas.com is the only platform for temporary and informal job advertisements in Latin America, which allows direct contact in less than 24 hours and without paperwork, between employers and candidates.


Information Technology, SaaS

Lici/Mátic is a software for the search, analysis and automatic generation of public tenders.


Information Technology, SaaS

LinkedAI provides high-quality training and validation data for Computer Vision applications.




Silabuz.com connects Spanish-speaking Latin American students with professionals and online courses to learn or reinforce their skills and receive a quality education that is required for today’s digital world.


Information Technology, SaaS

Chaty specializes in the development of AI ChatBots with Natural Language Processing, which allow businesses to take orders and payments from customers via messaging services such as Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Skype, iMessage, Google Hangouts, Telegram, SMS, etc.


Computer Software

Abaxto Plus is a technological platform focused on strengthening the sales and positioning of brands and distributors in regards to nano stores, which are a family business, making it a social project through Smart Services to create Smart Cities.

United Kingdom

Alana AI

Computer Software

ALANA is the first proprietary AI made exclusively for advertising.


Healthcare & Biotechnology

Syrona Women is a female healthcare companion for life. A platform to support you throughout your female healthcare journey as your body and its needs evolve.




Alomaestro helps you keep your home good as new with flexibility, quality and guarantee provided by the services of Painting, Waterproofing, Electricity and Plumbing.

Puerto Rico


Transportation & Logistics

Ronpon delivers your beers, wines, spirits, convenience items and more in less than 60 minutes.

Agtools, Inc

Information Technology, SaaS

We provide real-time algorithm data services to farmers and corporate buyers covering over 500 fruits, vegetables, herbs, nuts, and ornamentals.

Amasar #pre18ner

Physical Product

Amasar develops a nutritious flour made of breadfruit, a superfood that contains high levels of fiber and that is abundant in the Caribbean region. Our three blends of flour are gluten-free and all-purpose.

Sirena Patterns #pre18ner


Sirena Patterns is a platform that leverages the internet to introduce people from all over the world to sewing spandex fabric. It provides its niche audience with online courses and PDF sewing patterns.

LICKco #pre18ner


LICKco is accelerating the world’s transition to premium quality pet goods, one LICKer at a time.

FitWallet #pre18ner

Finance & Fintech

FitWallet provides Financial Wellness Education Services aiming to promote a Money Worry-Free Lifestyle for all its customers through customized educational solutions that positively impact every family member.

TAIS #pre18ner

Agriculture and Natural Resources

TAIS provides kits that allow businesses and households to cleanly separate food for recycling. They collect the organics, compost them, and farm to create a circular food system called Recycloponics.

My Healthy WOE #pre18ner


My Healthy WOE is an e-commerce that offers low-carb and sugar-free comestibles. Focused on giving an upgrade to your nutrition.

Delos #pre18ner

Food Retail & Logistics

Delos is an automated Operations Software (AOS) for the food industry. They automate operations, like pricing or purchases, for supermarkets and suppliers to increase profit margins saving millions of dollars per store.

Applivio #pre18ner

Healthcare & Biotechnology

AppLivio’s key innovation is its multi-objective machine learning; our algorithm will predict the ideal communication strategy needed to ensure a successful outreach based on effective patterns of patient appointment-keeping behaviors.

Abexus #pre18ner

Entertainment, Media & Art

Abexus is an analytics startup that uses AI to enhance customer’s data while generating new revenue streams for our customers.

Arvada Corporation

Physical Product

Arvada Corporation repurposes containers into living and commercial units.

Omics Global

Healthcare & Biotechnology

OGS is a Biotechnology company dedicated to developing and commercializing innovative clinical prognostic and diagnostics products based on novel scientific models addressing physicians, patients and payers unmet needs through initiatives and nimble actions and remain committed to high quality and with the advancement of science to benefit the community

ALQMY #pre18ner

Marketing, Branding & Advertising

ALQMY’s 3chos allows businesses to create highly engaging polls to their customers helping them get the answers they need through texting.

We received more than 450 applications from diverse countries and now, our portfolio is stronger than ever! For all of you who missed the deadline to submit your application, stay tuned. Applications for Gen.8 open in January 2020!

Parallel18 is a startup accelerator that represents a unique gateway for global startups to scale from Puerto Rico.

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