At parallel18, we believe that a strong online presence and clear outreach to your audience are everything, especially in the entrepreneurial world that continues to grow and become more competitive. With that in mind, our Marketing and Communications team, better known as Mac & Cheese, compared the benefits of hiring a freelance digital content creator versus a marketing agency for your startup.

The basics

First things first, a freelancer is an independent professional who works on their own and usually has vast experience in their field. They tend to have worked in a few companies before working on their own.

On the other hand, a marketing agency has a lot more human resources to offer because they usually have a team that works hand-in-hand with each project and their clients. Some professionals working on an agency can be: graphic designers, copywriters, marketing and content specialists, etc.


So, what’s your budget limit? Depending on your liquidity and needs, you can hire a…

We’re close to the last week of our open call and we want to make sure you have all the information you need about our program to keep working on that application.

First thing first: here’s the recording of the live info session we held on April 7th. Watch it and send your questions to

You have a startup that has already generated traction, validated one market, and is now ready to scale. What’s the next step? Most founders will look into raising seed funding, getting a mentor, and expanding to new markets. In their quest, they may find startup accelerators as an all-in-one solution to jumpstart these efforts. But let’s break it down, what exactly is an accelerator? These curriculum-based business development programs support early-stage, growth-driven companies through education, mentorship, and financing.

International Women’s Day — and every day — is powered by the collective efforts of all in supporting, inspiring, and empowering women worldwide. That’s why at parallel18 we strive to become allies for ourselves, our peers, and our founders. In light of #IWD2021 here’s how our team #ChooseToChallenge gender bias and inequality across our different departments to better serve our community of diverse business-people.

Operations Team

Eduardo Padial, Operations Director

I try to be an ally to my female coworkers just by being there to listen, making questions to further understand a perspective that I’ve probably never come across, and adapt thoughts…

We kicked off 2021 with all hands on deck. Last month was DemoEvent time for our pre18ners from Gen.3! Ever since they joined pre18 in November, we were looking forward to DemoEvent week as it gives us a sense of celebration by being the come-together of three months worth of hard work, incredible enthusiasm, and energetic commitment. Some of them are already seeking investment, which is amazing for startups at this stage and, after seeing all the effort they’ve put into bettering their businesses and getting to market, we wanted them to shine and get the right connections. …

It’s good to be back! With pre18 Gen.3’s last weeks just around the corner, we’re kicking off 2021 with a strong spirit. The days leading up to DemoDay are always exciting and full of accelerated growth. So our team is as pumped as ever to nurture these companies into the final stage of their pre-acceleration journey as they consolidate their businesses to start scaling and, eventually, be eligible for P18. Before the big event, you can get to know Gen.3 here. Plus, sign up here for further details.

And what does that agenda look like? Alumni Meetups between pre18ners and…

Innovation and change go hand in hand. So for a team whose work is directly related to innovation, five years can turn into many lessons that lead to personal growth or learnings that they can apply to improve our community.

While some of our team members have been with the program longer than others, everyone has their own set of unexpected pivotal realizations alongside the startups we have vowed to help and support since parallel18’s inception in 2015.

And because each journey is different but equally important in the history of our program’s evolution and results, we asked active and…

What a year! We can all agree that is not an understatement. In parallel18 we kicked off 2020 with our most diverse generation yet, we celebrated our first P18Ventures Summit and we were getting ready to call for applications for our upcoming Gen.8. What happened next is history still in the making.

Now, at a time when we’ve gotten to see disruption firsthand, all we can say is that the work that our entrepreneurs have put into bettering, growing, and taking their solutions to the next level has been outstanding and we couldn’t be prouder of them. That’s why we…

This November has been action-packed with updates! While our alumni have been reaching significant milestones, our program has amazing news as well, from the successful kickoff of pre18 Gen.3, to the official announcement of our P18Ventures Business Continuity Fund investees and the acquisition of another P18Alumni.

Last week was Global Entrepreneurship Week and we couldn’t be prouder to see how our program contributes to the global startup ecosystem. This milestone and the achievements of our startups make us start reflecting on this year and how, despite its challenges, it has put our thesis to the test: that diverse innovative entrepreneurship…

The holidays are here! This year, as the COVID-19 pandemic continues and people look for gift alternatives, online holiday shopping during the Thanksgiving weekend expects growth of 35% compared to 2019. The trend is great news for our #P18Startups and #pre18ners, who will be offering discounts and giving the holidays an exciting and safe start.

In addition to the savings they represent, these special sales are an opportunity to try new products and services while supporting entrepreneurs who are pushing their ventures forward with innovative approaches.

re:3D P18’s Gen.4

Fellow entrepreneurs working on their rapid prototyping might benefit from this…

The 18th dimension

Parallel18 is a startup accelerator that represents a unique gateway for global startups to scale from Puerto Rico.

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