Applications are open! All you need to know about P18’s Gen. X

  • Traction: Startups that already have sales or users that are willing to pay for their product or service are better served by our program. Our sweet spot will be: for Enterprise/Marketplace startups: $2k+ in MRR (monthly recurring revenue) with 20%+ growth month over month. For consumer products: 3k+ DAUs (daily active users) with 5%+ week over week growth.
  • Scalability: Companies that have a product or business model that can easily be adapted to new markets but that have already tried products in at least one market.
  • Early-stage startups: Startups that have been operating for 3 years or less. This timeline counts from the moment the company starts selling. Historically, our #p18ners have a product in the market, with traction and revenue.
  • Be able to participate in our in-person format from Puerto Rico: Gen.X, will follow an in-person format. Our participants will get involved with Puerto Rico’s startup ecosystem and must be willing to be on the island during the 20-week program. Applicants should research and develop a plan on how they will leverage Puerto Rico as a place to scale their startups. This includes hiring local talent, acquiring customers, among other aspects. The return to an in-person format can be subject to change; depending on how the COVID-19 pandemic keeps developing.
  • Full-time team: Startups that apply for P18 should have two full-time founders. This should not be a side hustle. We look for founders with skills and products that people love; entrepreneurs that are deeply passionate and who possess a tremendous work ethic.
  • Innovation: This does not necessarily mean they have to be technology-driven companies; we measure innovation as introducing a new process that solves an issue, or a technology that is the intellectual property of its founders. FYI: We’re industry agnostic!



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The 18th dimension

The 18th dimension

Parallel18 is a startup accelerator that represents a unique gateway for global startups to scale from Puerto Rico.