Freelancer vs. Agency: Which marketing resource is the right fit for your startup?

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2 min readSep 10, 2021


At parallel18, we believe that a strong online presence and clear outreach to your audience are everything, especially in the entrepreneurial world that continues to grow and become more competitive. With that in mind, our Marketing and Communications team, better known as Mac & Cheese, compared the benefits of hiring a freelance digital content creator versus a marketing agency for your startup.

The basics

First things first, a freelancer is an independent professional who works on their own and usually has vast experience in their field. They tend to have worked in a few companies before working on their own.

On the other hand, a marketing agency has a lot more human resources to offer because they usually have a team that works hand-in-hand with each project and their clients. Some professionals working on an agency can be: graphic designers, copywriters, marketing and content specialists, etc.


So, what’s your budget limit? Depending on your liquidity and needs, you can hire a complete team or an all-in-one freelancer that can set up your branded digital content.

Think of how much you will need this person to work on your content. Do you need to build your brand from scratch? Do you plan on having a constant presence in the public eye and through social media? Depending on your answer, determine if you need a one-person army or a whole team.

“Consider an agency when you require several skill sets or when you’re going to launch a big marketing campaign. For example, just one designer will specialize in a specific area. Some focus on branding, others on UI/UX or Art Direction,” explained parallel18’s Lead Designer, Samuel Betancourt.


With a freelancer, you can pick a professional that specializes in your specific niche. Also, you can have a complete one-on-one experience when explaining your startup’s needs. An independent professional tends to have excellent communication skills with their clients and will ensure to bring positive results with their work.

Evidently, a marketing agency will offer a broader range of services. Also, having more people working on your startup’s image and branding can help you upscale advertising campaigns, develop more produced visual/written content, etc.

Did this help you make up your mind?

Before making your decision, remember: look for reviews and insights from past clients of the freelancer or marketing agency you are choosing. How did they manage past crisis? Were they diligent and communicative with their clients? Did their campaigns and services fulfill the client’s expectations and were they successful?

Make sure you’re selecting a resource that knows and understands the industry and concept of your startup. Research which brands they’ve worked with that are similar to yours, and feel free to ask them specific questions about it.

Finally, keep a record of your brand’s progress throughout the experience of hiring a professional marketing resource for your startup. Every startup has different needs and experiences in the digital space, set up clear marketing goals that can help your innovative idea exponentially grow.



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