How are startups facing the pandemic with innovation! And more on our April update

April and COVID-19 made us change. The transformation has gone beyond people, it has touched industries, governments, and economies. Though we’re eager to see the world thrive soon enough and rise from this crisis, we’re also relieved we’ve been able to nurture and support the startups that are bringing solutions to continue with our daily lives with a glimmer of normalcy.

Betting on small businesses and high impact entrepreneurship has never been more relevant than now and we’re glad to be part of a community pioneering in that. That’s what we were able to witness during Gen.7’s Demo Day, our first fully virtual event (keep scrolling to learn what went on), held last April 3rd with the help from our amazing #P18Alumnus Sceenic. Hundreds of people tuned in to watch our most founder diverse cohort yet pitch their solutions.

Being able to provide them with funding opportunities as well as the possibility of landing big business deals meant the world to us, literally. Because it is through these connections and through the growth of startups like those of Gen.7, that we will have a better and more sustainable future ahead of us.

These hard-working entrepreneurs have been aiding with tools and resources that help people satisfy their needs during the current crisis brought by COVID-19. Now it’s time to give some of the support back and that’s what I want to leave our readers with during this month.

As we get ready to announce the selected companies for our next generation, formally launch our Alumni Program Curriculum and an emergency P18Ventures Business Continuity Fund for qualifying alumni, I’d like to say: the time to support entrepreneurship is now, we’re counting on you! Stay safe!

The P18 will remain working remotely

Our team keeps working hard remotely from home until the local government-issued lockdown instructions are lifted in Puerto Rico and it is safe for us to go back to the office. In the meantime, the whole team will be available for regular office hours and other duties with our alumni through Zoom weekly from Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm (AST).

If you have any questions, or think you might be able to help the P18 team or our startups during COVID-19 times, don’t hesitate to reach out to

Highlights in a nutshell

  • During Gen.7’s #P18DemoDay The Live Green Co. took home the first prize from the Investor Choice’s Award which granted them US $3K. All the while, Puerto Rican company Sirena Patterns won the second prize from said award and received US $2K.
  • However, that’s not all! The people spoke (more than 1,000) and also had their pick with the People’s Love Award granted to ValetSeller who received US $1K.
  • Gen.7 Puerto Rican #P18Startup Agtools Inc. was selected as The Brink’s winner following the San Diego Angel Conference held digitally last March. As part of the award they’ve received US $200K in funding!
  • Gen.7 #P18Startup Abexus recently released a complete report about the economic impact of COVID-19 in Puerto Rico. Find the full report here.
  • #P18Alumnus Abartys Health launched its PatientLink 2.0, a platform that enables universal patient identification to provide faster response times for lab tests including COVID-19. Click here for further details.
  • Gen.5 #P18Alumnus PRoduce! is using their technology to call on farmers so they don’t lose their crops during lockdown. To help them with this, the startup has created the first virtual market
  • Gen.6 alumnus Uva has stepped up their offer by partnering up with Gen.4 alumnus Entregameds, allowing the delivery of essentials like OTC medicines, antibacterial soaps, and even toothpaste through Uva’s app.
  • Gen.5’s Dame Un Bite and Gen.2’s Brands Of Puerto Rico have partnered up to deliver the local products available on BrandsOf’s Puerto Rican marketplace! Read more about the partnership here.
  • Gen.5 #P18Alumnus Libros787 has a public virtual library! They’ve also launched their own ebook series for the public to download and enjoy during lockdown. Check it out here!
  • Gen.4 #P18Alumnus re:3D has facilitated one of its Gigabots for the production of 3D printed beta face shield prototype which includes a functional latching mechanism. Further details here.
  • Gen.5 #P18Alumnus DebMedia is working with some Econo supermarkets to reserve their turn online. Their solution has been helping other businesses in their native Argentina.
  • Gen.4 #P18Alumnis Evoting was featured in Chilean newspaper La Tercera as they’ve received more than thirty applications to use their technology to enable remote meetings. Read about it here.
  • Forbes Mexico featured Gen.7 #P18Startup Expediente Azul as one of the rising startups to watch in 2020! They reduce paper excess and simplify the large loans process. Read the full article here.

Want to know more about how our alumni’s solutions are helping people and first-responders satisfy their needs during the pandemic? Check them out here.

YOU’RE ALL SET! A lot has been happening, but this is about it, for now! If you’d like to keep up with us, remember to stay tuned to our social media for further updates as the month passes by or subscribe to our monthly newsletter.

We’ll see you soon. Stay home! Stay safe! :)