Interested in P18? Read this!

We work hard to provide a strong program for underrepresented founders.

However, we’re answering some of the FAQs we’ve been getting since the application period started:

  • Users: do you have a stable number of daily or monthly active users? Has this number been stable for at least three months?
  • Sales: do you have enough sales and revenue to move to a new market?
  • Partnerships: are you negotiating or have already closed important partnerships with one or more customers that are leaders in your industry or that represent a big opportunity.
  • If you have pivoted recently or pivoted several times and that reflect poorly in your traction (as compared to your years in operation) make sure to explain it in the application.
  • Don’t mix actual numbers with your projections. It is important that we see the actual state of the company.
  • Funding: US $40K grant (NO EQUITY)
  • Curated network of active investors
  • Connections to multinationals, so they can generate business relationships that can help you scale.
  • Acceleration like no other: straight from our startups’ mouth, our program offers amazing mentorship, and the team is always hands-on, helping them boost their growth.
  • Because we believe in them: we created a follow-on matching fund to invest in our startups. P18Ventures offers the opportunity to apply for US $75K as an investment in your company. We have already invested in 24 of our alumni.
  • Perks for all: we work hard to have access to discounts on the services you need to get things going.
  • We’ve worked with more than 200 companies from more than 10 countries from a variety of countries
  • Our alumni (until Gen.8) have raised US $126M in investment after finishing the program.
  • Our team is focused on providing the best opportunities to ALL founders.
  • Since Gen.5, female founders in P18 amount to no less than 42% of each cohort.
  • 61% of our graduates are Latinos
  • 33% of our Matching Fund investments have been in female-led companies.



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The 18th dimension

The 18th dimension

Parallel18 is a startup accelerator that represents a unique gateway for global startups to scale from Puerto Rico.