June is here and so is Gen.8! Find out what else we’ve been up to

The P18 remains working remotely

Highlights in a nutshell

  • #P18Founders and siblings Laura Tirado, co-founder of UVA, and Francisco Tirado, cof-ounder of PRoduce!, are betting on the local producers and farmers, as well as in one locally developed delivery app to transform the island’s import-dependent reality. Both #P18Startups have been making headlines for their contribution to food delivery and local products visibility during COVID-19. Forbes magazine has been the latest to highlight their work. Read the article here.
  • Puerto Rican companies interested in strengthening their product to reach the market or increase their sales may apply to our pre-accelerator program, pre18, up until July 6th! If you or anyone you know is interested, you can start filling out the application form here.
  • Retail tech Gen.1 #P18Alumnus Sales Layer, dedicated to the management of catalogs for electronic sales, has closed a EUR $3.5M investment round. Find out the details here!
  • Gen.4 Argentinian #P18Alumnus Woocar has received investment from Globant Ventures, a tech-startup focused accelerator. Moreover, they’ve been included in Telefónica’s B2B sales channel, one of the world’s largest integrated telecommunications enterprises.
  • Gen.7 #P18Alumnus LiciMatic has used its technology to launch Grants World! An app that compiles a list of funding opportunities, loans and grants for startups, SMBs, and entrepreneurs. Access it here.
  • Gen.7 #P18Alumnus Silabuz has reached more than 4,000 students since the COVID-19 lockdown began on a worldwide skin. Users have joined the platform coming from more than ten different countries. Plus, the startup has officially launched in ten schools in Puerto Rico!
  • Gen.7 #P18Alumnus Abaxto is inviting SMB and startups to join network, Kolmado, the largest digital business directory in Latin America for free! For a company to be part of it, they should just fill this form.
  • Gen.2 #P18Alumnus investment firm Quiena announced that it began working on an investment of US $2M to add new talent to the company. Meanwhile, they’re launching local investment and cash management products to complement their current global investments offer.
  • Gen.1 #P18Alumnus Alias Payments has provided their technology for Puma Energy’s customers to be able to order and pick up products from their gas station’s convenience stores through. Clients can do so through Puma’s FastPay app!



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