Our adjustments during COVID-19 times

The plan Gen.7:

How will Gen.8 look:

Alumni support:

  1. A special Alumni Program Curriculum with topics related to growing startups and how to adapt to tough times will be designed by Operations Manager, Eduardo Padial. This will also include individual sessions to work on specific topics.
  2. A special P18Ventures Business Continuity Fund. We are aware that funding sources for startups might be scarce. Our Director of Operations, together with our parent organization, the Puerto Rico Science, Technology and Research Trust, will be designing and communicating the details of how this fund will work and the requirements to apply.
  3. The whole team will be available for regular office hours to support alumni in any way once this program starts.



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The 18th dimension

The 18th dimension

Parallel18 is a startup accelerator that represents a unique gateway for global startups to scale from Puerto Rico.