P18 is a place for diverse startups to grow. Here’s how we do it!

More than seed funding: a community

“I transitioned from a person who was part of the community — but not a participant of the program — to a P18 startup founder myself. What I noticed during that transition is how you share the experience with your peers and build a strong support system where you can celebrate or cry together. That’s one of the added values, that bond you create with fellow founders. We play tropical but we also meet every week to continue to work hard,” said Lisandro Martino, CEO of P18Alumni Fitverz, on being part of the P18 community.

“Another thing that I think was great is how the program opened doors for us to start looking at other startup programs not only in the island but in Latin America,” added Lisandro.

A place to make business

“One week after the global lockdown started, I remember parallel18 sent a survey asking us if we needed any help. So I asked if P18Connect could help me arrange follow-up meetings with those partners we had begun to establish conversations before the pandemic started, as well as new meetings with new partners. I got even more connections after I finished the program,” shared Alonso Mujica, Founder of Gen.7’s Silabuz on working with P18Connect throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Access to investment

“We had a great advantage when getting ready to raise investment because we had Lucas — P18Ventures’ Managing Director — there to guide us and coach us through the process. We asked him about how to present our numbers and our projections. We even held pitch practices before pitching to this big investor network. Therefore we were able to implement feedback beforehand,” shared Jonelie Vélez about her experience with investment education through P18Ventures.

“When lockdown started I knew P18 would be there. However, what took me by surprise was how it was there because I would’ve expected that the team was going to help us access aid resources. It turned out that P18 was the resource itself with its Business Continuity Fund. I think above all it shows how much P18 believes in its alumni,” said Suhaily Sepúlveda, Co-Founder of Gen.5’s Guilty on receiving P18Ventures’ BCF.

US $40K equity-free grant

1 on 1 mentorship and curriculum

“If there was a mentor that we knew could help us, we could just walk over and reach out after their session ended. I’m an engineer, so in terms of sales and marketing I didn’t have a clue, but that’s what the mentorships were for,” said Jesús Martes, Co-Founder of Gen.7’s Amasar.

“I think A Seat at The Table has great potential to impact not just the women in P18’s portfolio but also others from the general public. Learning from successful women makes a pathway for more successful women. I believe the series is a great initiative and I look forward to seeing it grow,” shared Juana Barco, CEO of Gen.4’s Backstartup about participating in A Seat at The Table.

The opportunity to give back

About the application form

  • What problem are you solving?
  • Why are you the perfect team to lead this project?
  • How will P18 impact your startups?

How the application is evaluated

  • Internal screening: the P18 Team evaluates all applicants based on the basic requirements.
  • Judging: A pool of more than 100 international judges (that includes mentors, investors, and other founders) will receive guidelines to evaluate your application. They will award points to each section and the sum of those points will help create a ranking.
  • Selection Committee: The ranking groups the top 80 startups and those will be evaluated by a Selection Committee composed of local experts of the startup community, mentors, investors, and even alumni.

Will the program be remote or in-person?

Thinking about your plan for Puerto Rico



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The 18th dimension

The 18th dimension

Parallel18 is a startup accelerator that represents a unique gateway for global startups to scale from Puerto Rico.