#P18DemoDay is coming up this Friday, here’s what to expect

You’re invited to take part in the long-awaited grand pitch moment for Gen.7, where each of the startups in our most diverse cohort yet will have their chance to blow your mind with their solutions.

This will be our very first entirely virtual DemoDay! And though this came with some challenges, we’ve made it work and are eager to see the results.

Register here to get a reminder before we go live! And, right before the day comes, sit tight and read all about what you can expect for Friday, April 3rd starting at 1:00pm (AST) and why tuning in matters.


Essentially, the event will go as per usual with the one exception being that we’re all going to be presenting from our homes! Of course, you will get to see the founders’ faces as they showcase their pitch deck for which they will have four minutes each.

And for a smooth one between startups, our very own Startup Executive, Bettina Maestre, and Operations Manager, Eduardo Padial, will be introducing each of the companies with a sneak peek of what you can expect.


PARTNERS AND INVESTORS, YOU’RE INVITED. As we’re always looking for ways to maximize our startups’ growth opportunities, we’ve habilitated an exclusive watch party with breakout rooms within Sceenic’s platform so partners and investors can connect directly with the startups they’re interested in after their pitch.

Little fun fact, 70% of Gen.7’s startups are actively raising investment. When you invest in them, you help them qualify for our P18Ventures follow-up fund and incentivize them to stay in Puerto Rico.

WHERE CAN YOU ACCESS IT? An access hyperlink will be directly provided by our Operations Director, Lucas Arzola, and our Business Development Manager, Cristina Tamayo to people on our investor and partner network that show interest. During the event, our hosts will walk you through the steps you need to follow in order to land your connection.


If you haven’t followed us on yet, now is the time! You can catch P18’s virtual DemoDay on our Facebook page as we go live next Friday at 1:00pm (AST). During the live stream, we will be actively answering your questions on the live’s comment section. All the while, we will be sharing with you some fun facts about the industries our startups are taking by storm.

HOW YOU GET TO HELP THESE STARTUPS? When you tune in to the live stream on Facebook, make sure to stay tuned until the end of the event or come back after a break so you get to pick your favorite startup and help them win a US $1,000 grant from our People’s Love Award!


At parallel18, we’ve made it a mission to create a space where underrepresented entrepreneurs have access to a broad network of business connections and tools that allow them to take their companies to the next level and, in turn, give back to their communities.

Gen.7 has certainly been the come alive of four years worth of hard work. What we’ve seen is that this cohort’s engine is diversity itself, with 45% of the startups being female-led and a wide range of industry innovation.

These are the same companies that have suffered a strong blow from the current worldwide health crisis, however, they’ve responded with the eye of the tiger. Their already established solutions have proven to be essential in times of need. From user-friendly platforms that provide people with new sources of income and the possibility of taking their inventory online, to educational content that helps them make wise financial decisions and much more.

These hard-working entrepreneurs have been on the front-lines with tools and resources that help people satisfy their needs during the current crisis brought by COVID-19. Now it’s time to give some of the support back.

SO, WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT? You’ll witness a cohort that represents what the present looks like. And this will be your chance to advocate for diverse entrepreneurship in times where leading a high impact business is both brave and uncertain.

Gen.7 DemoDay will showcase startups that are disrupting the food industry, improving retail and distribution, adding new approaches to wellness, and focusing on female reproductive health. You won’t want to miss it.

SEE YOU THIS FRIDAY! Remember, your vote will help one of them keep innovating to come up with solutions that will tackle the most palping issues of our present day. We’re counting on you to bet on this cohort’s potential as we have.

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Parallel18 is a startup accelerator that represents a unique gateway for global startups to scale from Puerto Rico.