These are the companies that will be part of Gen.6

It’s happening, folks! Startups from 9 countries — including the US, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica, Uruguay, Ireland, Mexico and Chile — will be part of our Gen. 6 starting on January 16th. Are you READY?

After what felt like an eternal selection process, here are the 24 selected companies and their respective industries:

Explority United States

Industry: Education

Explority is a productivity and collaboration platform for organized group experiences such as trips, workshops, retreats and more.

Kids Corp Argentina

Industry: Marketing, Branding & Advertising

Kids Corp Platform is the first and only marketplace in America that, through its technology, connects the most popular sites and applications of Kids & Teens segments with advertisers.

They make it possible to reach these audiences in a simple and safe way, as well as through all kinds of devices and formats.

Unicorn Games Uruguay

Industry: Gaming

Unicorn Games adds digital features, like Augmented Reality and Video Games, to traditional games without affecting the manufacturing process.

This is P18’s first Uruguayan startup!

CINCO Puerto Rico

Industry: Healthcare & Biotechnology

CINCO is a Software that allows Quality Managers in the Life Sciences Industry to efficiently implement and manage a Quality Risk Management Program.

They provide complete paperless and “live” traceability of every Critical to Quality aspect of a drug, medical device or food manufacturing process to enable timely and quality driven decisions at every moment. It also provides data visualization and reports to support audits from regulatory agencies.

We’ve got a pre18ner!

Organic Power, LLC Puerto Rico

Industry: Energy, Environment & Cleantech

Organic Power offers an alternative to the disposal of used cooking oils and restaurant grease trap waste.

They collect these waste oils and convert them into environmentally friendly biodiesel. Furthermore, they offer alternatives to landfill disposal of organic waste and food processing by-products by converting them into sustainable forms of energy, animal feed and fertilizer.

OGMA Language Studio Puerto Rico

Industry: Education

OGMA Language Studio solves and addresses any and all language needs.

They offer translation, language courses, editing, proofreading, localization, transcription, interpretation and more services online.

With their platform one gets to adapt content to different cultures, industries, platforms or locations.

We love to welcome our #pre18ners!

Processim Labs Costa Rica

Industry: Education

Processim Labs develops college-level educational games. They offer simulations of complex processes designed specifically for mobile devices that enable students to learn by using their decision-making skills to practice and exercise critical thinking in a fun, entertaining and dynamic way.

We’ll also welcome Costa Rica to our portfolio for the first time!

Dokimi, Inc. United States

Industry: Education

EduSynch is an educational technology firm, focused on solutions targeting language training assessment. They’re the world’s first adaptive training platform focused on English language proficiency exams.

Hackmetrix Chile

Industry: Information Technology, SaaS

Hackmetrix is a web security scanner that allows developers to easily run tests on their web applications.

It’s built in collaboration with ethical hackers, and scans for hundreds of vulnerabilities, including cross-site scripting (XSS) and SQL injections. Their scans give insights on how to fix security issues that are so easy to understand it’s almost like having a personal security expert.


Industry: Information Technology, SaaS

Yu-Track is a Field Sales Force Automation management tool (SFA), specially designed for small and medium-sized companies.

Through their app, they use the smartphone GPS, to automatically Check-in and Check-out, every time one of the employees, arrives at a specific meeting.

EnvioPack Argentina

Industry: Transportation & Logistics

Enviopack provides a unified logistics platform that makes online selling simple, reduces costs, and provides powerful analytics to measure business performance for retailers.


Industry: Transportation & Logistics

Bussi is an on demand transportation network that gives the possibility to transport groups in a Van for commute. With security, comfort and dynamic routes based on people’s needs, traffic behavior and people destination. Flexibility for all in a private way.

Uva Group LLC Puerto Rico

Industry: Transportation & Logistics

Uva is a native iOS application for ordering food. It has 3 specialized platforms for the client, the restaurant and the delivery.

Isleñas Puerto Rico

Industry: E-commerce

Isleñas is a footwear project established and manufactured with ethical practices in Puerto Rico.

This one is a pre18ner as well!

Accountberry Puerto Rico

Industry: Information Technology, SaaS

Accountberry is a cloud based multilingual accounting software capable of handling small and medium size companies in a wide array of industries with a unique touch of ease.

Elegir Seguro Argentina

Industry: Finance & Fintech

Elegir Seguro is a cutting-edge platform for delivering multi-risk commercial & industrial insurance coverages from their carriers.

Pago Ireland

Industry: Finance & Fintech

Pago. is a technology company that leverages mobile network operators airtime for financial inclusion online. Their platform allows clients to pay online even if they don’t have a bank account.

Zenrise Argentina

Industry: Finance & Fintech

Zenrise allows any company to adapt in a simple way, to integrate network technologies and local and international credit and debit cards, debit account, direct transfer and payments at the teller window.

Facturedo Mexico

Industry: Finance & Fintech

Facturedo is a LatAm focused invoice discount marketplace. Through their platform they help SMEs obtain liquidity from their accounts receivables at the best terms, while allowing investors access to a new asset class.

Hometuls Colombia

Industry: Finance & Fintech

Hometuls are a web platform that connects manufacturers, distributors of products, construction, home and office supplies with companies that need these products or supplies for the operation of their business.

They catalyze the growth of manufacturers and distributors in the platform, increasing their sales and giving them liquidity to work.

Gluetech Inc United States

Industry: Finance & Fintech

Gluetech is a fintech startup doing some interesting work applying AI and blockchain to data transparency. Their dataprobe product provides e2e traceability for data processing using blockchain.

It is cracking the nut on automating compliance and regulatory evidence generation in a given financial operating environment. The solution is fully automated, minimally invasive and lightweight, and operates in any heterogeneous operating environment. Colombia

Industry: Information Technology, SaaS

Datawifi is an analysis, marketing, and communication platform that uses Wi-Fi networks to attract, retain, and reward its consumers.

Pinta Puerto Rico

Industry: Food & Beverage

Handmade gelatos, creamy, tropical and made in Puerto Rico.

Savor United States

Industry: Food & Beverage

Savor offers the world’s first edible spoon. They are building a movement to eliminate plastic pollution and designing alternatives that biodegrade in days, not centuries.

We received over 283 applications from 48 countries and now, our portfolio is stronger than ever! For all of you who didn’t get selected, stay tuned. Applications for Gen.7 open this Summer!




Parallel18 is a startup accelerator that represents a unique gateway for global startups to scale from Puerto Rico.

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The 18th dimension

Parallel18 is a startup accelerator that represents a unique gateway for global startups to scale from Puerto Rico.

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